Common Landing Page Mistakes

You don’t want people to leave your website after you have invested in¬†Google Ad campaigns.

Remember that landing pages are just as important as any other page on your site. These common landing page errors could be causing you not to see the conversions or high bounce rates.

Poor Lead Generation

Lead generation: This is the act that captures your audience and encourages them to make contact with you or purchase from you.

Lead generation can often be caused by including bold headers, interesting information snippets and calls to action.

Too many popups or information can lead to confusion for visitors. Your website can slow down if there are too many elements, leading to frustrated customers.

It will pay off when your leads become customers. It can be hard to get this if your landing pages don’t work together.

Not Optimized For Mobile Phones

Your website must be optimized for mobile usage, as almost everyone now surfs the web on their mobile phones.

This can be a trap that is easy to fall into but can have devastating effects on your conversion rates.

Mobile-friendly landing pages should be a top priority. A potential customer will leave if they find your website and visit it.

Google tends to rank websites optimized for mobile devices higher than those that aren’t. When Google announced in 2016 that it would use mobile-first indexing (MFI) to rank websites, this became a standard practice.

Google used to rank websites using desktop-first indexing before 2016. However, as smartphones have become more popular, Google’s website ranking method has changed.

Google has made it clear that optimizing your website for mobile means optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly. They will not crawl your desktop version if there is no mobile version. Your Google rankings will drop dramatically if you don’t have mobile access to your most important data.

In just two years, 20% more pages have been indexed using mobile-first indexing. Mobile indexing accounts for 70% of the pages in Google’s search results. These figures show that mobile optimization is a worthwhile investment.

An Interface Filled with Clutter

Your landing page should display your identity, message, offers, and branding. Visitors will not be able to understand your offer even if you have a professional logo or quality images. You will also not be able to convert them into paying clients. Got stressed, right? Landing page builders can help you create intuitive, user-friendly, and custom landing pages.

Images that are inconsistent or arbitrarily taken

Stock photos are a great way to create content regularly. Your landing page is your window to the outside world. It will be better to use professional images.

Customers can easily spot generic content. Don’t risk losing your authority and credibility before your customers have read any content. Instead, establish your professional reputation.

Ambiguous Calls to Action

Your landing page should convince visitors to make a purchase. You can make this happen by using a call-to-action (CTA) button.

If the CTA button is unclear or confusing, it can cause customers to lose their way and make it difficult to convert. They may also be unsure of what they will get by clicking it.

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