In 2022, the top UI & UX design agencies for startups.

Although one may already be very busy running a business, UX/UI design for small businesses can be too difficult to manage without professional help.

UI UX agencies can be a lifesaver for small businesses or startups with a small staff. You will need extensive research before choosing the right agency for your business. There are many agencies around the globe.

What is a UI/UX Design Agency?

UX/UI agency is a creative design firm that creates user experiences. These agencies’ services vary in size and may be linked or complementary to UX/UI design. While some agencies are specialized in UX design, others offer UI and UX design. Although similar, UX and UI design are distinct but always work together.

UX design refers to the entire process of creating a user’s engagement with a website, mobile app or website from start to finish. This design is based on data collected during the UX research phase. Researchers learn as much about future users and the target audience overall. UI design ensures that all aspects of the digital interface function properly and are visually appealing. This is essential to achieving the UX design team’s ultimate goals.

UX/UI design companies are creative agencies that specialize in or deliver experience design services. UX/UI designers have several specialities. They can help establish a company’s brand identity and interact with customers via digital channels. This goes beyond advertising and branding to include both in the company’s user interfaces.

For Startups and Small Businesses, the USA has the Best UI/UX Design Agency.

This list lists the top UI & UX designers in the USA whose main clients are small businesses or startups.

These agencies are based in the USA and focus on small businesses as well as large-scale companies. All of them have great success stories and relevant experience.


RNO1 is an excellent design agency. Their design is a great example of how to do good design. Their professional work proves they are one of the top UI & UX agencies. They are committed to their work and ensure customer satisfaction. They develop digital platforms that empower consumers and those who follow your business.

RNO1 deeply understands their customers and can help you design the best methods to increase your company’s ROI. RNO1 has the best service team in this field. You can reach them on their website.

Major Tom

Major Tom is one of the most respected UX & UI Design agencies. Simple experiences are key to user conversion. Major Tom can help them reach their goals and keep them coming back.

Major Tom often observes clients making comments based on their biases and not the biases expressed by their users. This problem can be addressed by a thorough examination of the personalities of your audience.

Major Tom will dig deep into your target markets, audience personas, and user statistics to create a site that engages users. Their decisions are based upon facts. They will also explain the why, how, and what behind each decision they make. Major Tom’s designs were created with long-term goals in mind. Your ultimate site will be a favourite destination for many years.


Flightpath is a digital agency specialising in UX design based out of New York City.

They provide UX design services for startups and assist them in navigating today’s digitally complex world.

They know the fierce digital competition and can help you prepare your business for it by offering the best UX/UI designs.

Flightpath offers many digital solutions to small businesses. They use digital channels to bring real value to businesses. Because they love to see small businesses grow, startups are their favourite clients.

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