The Best Online Web Design Courses for 2022

People are increasingly interested in learning how UI/UX works and how to master HTML and other web design tools. This demand is correlated with an increasing number of jobs that need these skills.

If you enrol in web design classes, you may be able to learn the best tools. There are many responsive web design courses available online and off. Some of these courses are offered by professional web designers. Others may be wasteful of your time and money.

We have done an extensive research to find the top web design courses that you can attend. You will graduate as a highly-skilled web designer. You can choose one of the professional courses after looking at them.

These are the top web design courses for 2022.

Roman Jaster and Michael Worthington, UI / UX Design Specialization

Roman Jaster and Michael Worthington, faculty members of the California Institute of Arts’ Graphic Design department, offer the course. It is taught by an actual institute, and you receive a certificate upon completion.

This course focuses on user interface design from a design-centric perspective. It offers both theoretical and practical experience. You will learn about the strategy of a project and wireframes. You will also be expected to use them to create your project.

Participants in UI / UX Design Specialization can get a 1 month’s trial of their UX tool suite.

Dennis Field, Web Design Essentials: How to Create Marketing Websites that Drive Results

Dennis Field, a web designer and educator, is the instructor of Web Design Essentials. He is also a product evangelist at InVision. After his 60-minute course, Dennis Field hopes to drive results for designers and marketers looking for courses in landing page design.

This course is ideal for freelancer web designers, web design agencies for the startup, as well as small web design teams.

This 60-minute course will prepare you to:

  • Define the goals of a website
  • Create your designs in Photoshop or Sketch
  • Learn about user patterns and sketching using consideration
  • You have the chance to work with other InVision users

After completing the course, you will want to be able to produce professional-quality designs just like a professional designer.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp – Become a UI/UX designer. Springboard: Job Guaranteed

No design background is required for this course. It only requires that participants have an eye for visual design and empathy for the user. These are the two things that will make you welcome to the course.

The UI/UX Design Bootcamp is not only a course that teaches you the theory of web design but also a practical externship that allows you to gain valuable hands-on experience. It takes nine months to complete the process, and you will be a UI/UX Designer with a portfolio that can help you find work.

You will have a mentor to guide you as you learn how to become a web designer.

By Mattox Shuler & Hope Armstrong, Typography for Designers

Typography for Designers is a top-rated web design course. Typography is an essential aspect of good design. This course will cover everything you need to know as a UX designer, such as how to select the right typeface, what to look out for when deciding on layouts, how to determine typographic hierarchy and how to create responsive typography.

The course will begin with the basics of typography and go into more detail. The course will require 6 steps.

  • How to choose the right fonts and how to use them
  • Typography for the web
  • Typesetting
  • You can go further with the type

Hope Armstrong and Mattox Shuler are your teachers in the course typography. They will provide the best learning experience possible.

Sarah Khan introduces Axure RP to UI/UX Designers.

Sarah Khan is an enthusiastic freelance UX designer, entrepreneur and full-time traveller. She has taught and joined many UI design courses. She is currently offering the Introduction to Axure RPO course to curious designers.

This course is for students who don’t know wireframes or Axure. Although this may seem like an insignificant detail of web design, it is crucial when considering how many websites pixel-perfect wireframes will attract visitors.

Anyone can take this course, regardless of their background.

Katie S. Bombardier

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