Web Design Trends 2022: 5 Most Popular UI Styles

In 2022, the technical possibilities seem endless. We see designers experimenting with new techniques and reinventing old styles. Many popular styles are still in fashion, including minimalism and empty white spaces. Many styles are popular.

We are fascinated by the evolution of this industry when we think back to how social media giants looked back in the past. We would love to summarize the entire journey someday, but not for now.

Web Design Trends 2022: 5 Most Popular UI Styles

Oversized Elements

Web designers find that prominent and large-sized elements can be a game-changer. This applies to almost everything on a site, including large and bold typography, full-screen images and videos, and large menu icons.

Visitors love to see such extensive elements on the website. They look fantastic on all screen sizes. To make this trend more visible, reduce the number of design elements per page. Too many features can prove to be too overwhelming.

Mode Dark

Dark mode has brought the world online with the new Android and Apple operating system releases. It includes the most recent apps, websites, and other websites like Facebook Messenger, YouTube and Instagram.

Sometimes the most striking trends in web design start with practicalities. OLED screens with dark themes are more efficient and last longer. Other accent colours can be used to enhance visibility and create dynamic designs.

The many benefits of this colour scheme are what make it so popular. They provide users with a clean and elegant work environment and positively impact the device’s life expectancy and energy consumption.

Dark web modes look great and make design elements and colours pop. Night mode is also beneficial because it uses fewer light pixels. This reduces overall luminosity, which makes it easier to read and allows for better vision.

White Spaces

Whitespace refers to the empty spaces between elements of a design. This gives any page or screen a balanced and spacious feel. It is usually white, but it can also be a background colour. It covers the area between lines, and text columns, around each picture or in the margins of the pages.

White space refers to leaving empty spaces, so space can be considered inefficient. Whitespace is like a breath of fresh air. Whitespace can improve legibility and emphasize important elements of design like calls for action and separate sections. It also creates a pleasant overall appearance.


Minimalism remains a timeless trend in website design. It was popular in 2020 and seems to continue to be so in 2022.

Minimalists are moving beyond the use of elements and flat space this year. Trends in minimalism include monochromatic colours, grid layouts, and text-based design.

Websites from the 1990s have inspired the minimalist look to be one of the most popular or modified trends. The only difference was that minimal design was the only option back then, except for advanced features and colours.

Alphabet, the best example of minimalist web design, is Google’s parent company. I would have given them the ” Minimal Debug Design” award if I could.

Liquid Animation

Nearly all websites contain animation. Trending is liquid-style, movement-like animation. Fluid animation is used to transition video elements, create hovering states to click and allow users to enter the design.

The trick is in the speed of your movement. It must be smooth, fluid and on time for the best feeling. KIKK festival’s website uses liquid animation for the additional movement of elements.


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